Supporting the local business community for more than 40 years

NLT Training Services deliver work-based training at all levels of their organisation - from Apprenticeships to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses.

NLT is a not-for-profit Group Training Association (GTA), and a member of GTA England, operating as a registered charity and supported by government funding.

Operating from two sites, one in the East Midlands, Chesterfield and the other Humberside, Scunthorpe, NLT is presently one of around 40 members of GTA England, located in key industrial areas, serving the needs of the engineering and manufacturing sector where industry needs them most.

As a GTA, NLT delivers a unique experience to learners and employers alike: developing and delivering outstanding training for industry by industry.

The resulting sense of employer ‘ownership’ is the engine of a vocational training service offered to a far wider range of companies and to the communities in which they sit.

We believe in going beyond Engineering

Although primarily recognised and respected as an engineering training specialist, in response to changes in education over the years, NLT  has diversified into helping people into work and developing employability programmes for young people straight from school.

In addition to a wide range of Engineering and Manufacturing-related Apprenticeships, we now offer non-engineering Apprenticeship training in a diverse range of areas, from Accounting and Business Skills to Leadership and Management and Customer Service.

Regardless of Apprenticeship, NLT's original 'industry training' ethos holds true today.

At NLT, we take pride in understanding your business and your training needs by offering a diverse and innovative range of professional, skilled and manual training programmes.

This approach, together with our team of skilled and knowledgeable staff, has resulted in NLT being graded 'Good' by the education watchdog Ofsted.

We're led by Industry Experts

Many of our training officers were Apprentices themselves and have had successful careers in industry prior to joining NLT. Every year they share their knowledge and expertise with hundreds of young people, making sure they are valued members of the workforce.

Through our locations, expertise and our approach to training, we are proud to have successfully enabled some of the hardest to reach people to gain employment.

To learn more about how NLT Training Services can assist with your training needs, get in touch with your nearest office today.