CPD Courses

15 – 21 May 2017 is Learning at Work Week, an annual event which aims to put a spotlight on the importance and benefits of learning and development at work.

The annual awareness week has been organised by the Campaign for Learning since 1999; and this year NLT Training Services is urging companies to view the training and development of their employees as an ongoing process that continues throughout their time with the business.

NLT’s HR and Administration Manager, Lisa Dunks, said: “With today’s rapid pace of change, people find that their skills and knowledge become outdated surprisingly quickly. In some cases, companies and their employees can begin to fall behind the competition without even realising it, underlining how important it is to upskill continually rather than wait until the worst happens.”

To ensure companies remain up-to-date and competitive within the engineering sector, NLT offers a range of commercial training courses throughout the year for employees at every level in a business – from Apprentice to management.

One to five day courses in Health and Safety, Welding and Fabrication, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, are run at NLT’s Chesterfield and Scunthorpe sites, as well as at employers’ own premises by NLT’s team of skilled training officers.

Continued Professional Development (CPD) in the workplace ensures standards across a company are high and consistent. If that isn’t enough to convince you of the benefits of CPD for your workforce, here are 10 more reasons from NLT to invest in ongoing CPD in your company:

  1. CPD maintains motivation within the workforce, encouraging employees to go the extra mile and perform their roles better.
  2. Motivated, engaged staff will deliver cost savings to the business due to reduced absence rates and reduced recruitment costs
  3. It creates efficiency in service delivery by developing quality and innovation within the workplace.
  4. CPD assists with improved workforce planning, enabling you to promote within and upskill members of staff to replace those who may be leaving through retirement, etc.
  5. Training your staff across several areas of the business could lead to efficiency in services.
  6. CPD can encourage staff to take control of their own training and development, ensuring your business and they remain at the forefront of industry developments.
  7. CPD can be integrated into performance management and other HR processes, becoming a focal point for
  8. Strong employer support for CPD will aid recruitment as it will attract potential employees to your organisation who see it as a great place to work for career progression.
  9. CPD of your staff can ensure your business remains competitive by having up-to-date knowledge and training in the latest industry developments.
  10. It can ensure compliance with regulatory authorities and the due diligence requirements of businesses


NLT Training Services has an extensive range of courses accredited by major awarding bodies and delivered by our own staff with extensive experience.

View the full range of courses at www.nlt-training.co.uk/employers/commercial-training/ or contact us to arrange bespoke training for your business.