The government has announced it will be setting aside £4 million to train one member of staff at over 500 schools and colleges to become a ‘Careers Leader’, who will offer advice to students on how to succeed in their preferred line of work.

Each institution will receive around £8,000 each to train a member of staff to provide careers guidance, focusing on the sciences; technology; engineering and maths – STEM subjects.

First announced almost to two years ago, the strategy indicates the governments recognition of the need to improve the careers advice available in the education system.

With an increased focus surrounding STEM industries, young people will have access to more advice on the options available to them when interested in the engineering sector such as Apprenticeships for example.

Alongside the presence of a designated ‘Careers Leader’ in places of education, £5 million in funding has been awarded to develop 20 new ‘Careers Hubs’ with the purpose of linking schools, colleges and universities to businesses in order to ensure the students are given suitable placements in a role where they can develop their skills and progress.

NLT’s Chief Executive, Sarah Temperton, commented on the strategy saying: “It’s brilliant to see practical careers advice, particularly that which is focused on STEM careers such as engineering, being integrated into education. NLT already works with a number of schools running taster days both at our Chesterfield site and roadshows within schools and they make a real difference in opening young people’s minds to the breadth of careers and possibilities within engineering.”

She further added: “By educating young people in schools of both the vocational and academic pathways available, I believe that Apprenticeships will become even an even more popular route to a career within engineering.”

Since 2010 over 2.1 million Apprenticeships have been created in the UK. With the increase in the variety and number of Apprenticeships available, including the ever growing number of degree Apprenticeships in areas such as Aerospace Engineering, students have access to higher levels of education through Apprenticeships than in previous years.

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