Brexit skills shortage

NLT is urging young people to get Brexit ready and gain the necessary skills and experience ahead of Britain’s exit from the European Union (EU); and Apprenticeships hold the key.

Skilled UK workers will be in high demand once Britain leaves the EU. Already, there have been reports of a ‘brain drain’ of highly skilled workers since Britain announced its intention to leave the EU. Apprentices have been identified as being critical to addressing the skills shortage and ensuring that the UK has the workforce needed to sustain and grow the economy.

However, many young people could be missing out, choosing to believe the myths rather than the reality of Apprenticeships.

In research conducted last year by The Student Room, the world’s largest online student community, it found that over half of students would take on an Apprenticeship but a third admit they have a bad reputation deterred by reports of low wages and only for less academic students. The reality of Apprenticeships couldn’t be more different.

Apprenticeships offer:

  • Skilled, experienced workers
  • Debt free training
  • Ease of career advancement
  • Higher than average overall wage growth
  • Tailored academic programmes

To encourage young people to enter sectors which are suffering from a shortage of skilled workers – rail, engineering, construction and manufacturing,  Apprenticeships have had a radical, and long overdue, makeover. Once in the shadow of university degrees, Apprenticeships are finally getting the attention and funding they deserve helping change their reputation and attract more young people to apply for them.

Thousands of organisations throughout Derbyshire, North Nottinghamshire, South Yorkshire, Scunthorpe and East Lincolnshire are ramping up their apprenticeship programmes and offering learn-while-you-earn schemes to a growing number of school leavers and older job seekers and many are advertising Apprenticeship roles with NLT.

Sarah Temperton, Chief Executive of NLT Training Services, said: “It’s great to see that more young people are recognising the value of Apprenticeships, but we really need them to come forward and take them up. We have so many employers that are desperate to recruit bright young people and get them started on their career path. They offer good money and great training, but more importantly they offer you a stepping stone to a long and rewarding career or even setting up your own business.

“There has never been a better time to begin an Apprenticeship. The future success and prosperity of the UK in a post-Brexit world will increasingly depend on our ability to harness home-grown talent and to encourage the creativity and innovation of our young people.”

From giant corporations, such as Rolls Royce, BT and Barclays, and public-sector bodies including the NHS, to small and medium-sized businesses, Apprenticeships are becoming key to the drive to recruit, train and retain skilled staff. If you’re interested in starting an Apprenticeship or would like to know more about available Apprenticeships in your area, contact the NLT Apprentice team here.