NLT Training Services is one of 40 Group Training Associations (GTAs) training providers in England that delivers a unique experience to leaners and employers alike and is committed to developing and delivering outstanding training for industry by industry.

GTA England is unique in being able to rapidly deploy work-based training and Apprenticeship schemes using its national network of training providers. With an infrastructure that supports an annual turnover of over £75 million and backed by 15,000 employers, it offers highly skilled industry trainers in practical, supportive environments.

Being a GTA means that NLT is answerable to employers and a Board of Governors that is made up from local enterprise.

NLT specialises in supporting the SME market and non-levy payers, offering information advice and guidance, as well as high quality training and apprenticeships with 75% of apprentices being aged 16-18. In line with this, NLT Training Services has had significant involvement in the development of engineering apprenticeship standards.

Like all GTA training providers, NLT is a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity. We ensure that all monies are reinvested back into training, giving employers who use our services a sense of ‘ownership’ and confidence that we are delivering industry-specific training.

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