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Warehousing & Distribution Apprenticeship

If there's anything you need to know about starting an NLT Apprenticeship then this is the place to be. There's everything you need from news, Apprentice stories and fact files to boring stuff like forms to fill in and policies.

We know that you'll have loads of questions about starting an Apprenticeship, like 'Is an Apprenticeship right for me?' 'What bus do I get to NLT?' How much will I be paid?' 'Will I get holidays?' Don't worry though, below you'll find a load of our FAQs (frequently asked questions), that have been put together by young people and their parents.

If you don't see any answer to your question, or you're ready to get your Apprenticeship moving, then get in touch today >

Latest Apprentice News & Fact Files

NLT inspires the next generation of engineers for Made in Chesterfield

Pupils from schools in North East Derbyshire have had their first taste of engineering sector at NLT’s workshop in Brimington,…

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Forbes magazine billionaire

Who wants to be a Billionaire? 

There has never been a better time to study engineering. Recent research has suggested that students who go on to study engineering are…

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