• You enjoy watching sparks fly
  • You are good at working out measurements
  • You have attention for detail
  • You have good skills in maths & English
  • You have great concentration
  • You are able to stay on task

As a welder you’ll cut, shape and join sections of metal plate and pipes and repair manufacturing equipment and machinery.

As well as working with metals and alloys, you could cut and join composite materials, such as plastics, using specialist welding methods including oxyacetylene, MIG (Metal Inert Gas), MMA (Manual Metal Arc), TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas), laser and ultrasonic.

As a metal fabricator you’ll make and fit parts together using patterns and blueprints with a variety of tools and machines. You may also assemble components or fully finished products.

You’ll be cutting metal sheets to precise designs with equipment like laser cutters and joining them together using methods like welding, bolting and riveting. As a sheet metal worker you could be making street signs or vehicles, or producing thick metal plate sections used to build up structures like ship hulls or drilling rig platforms.

Apprenticeships are a well respected and recommended route into this sector.


Level 2 - Intermediate
Improving Operational Performance Apprenticeship

Level 3 - Advanced
Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering Apprenticeship

So, what does the future hold?

It's always important to consider your future career opportunities and as a qualified Welding, Fabrication & Sheet Metal Apprentice you could see yourself working in industries such as: Construction & Engineering, Automotive, Aerospace, Transport, Offshore Oil & Gas and Electronics.

Your job role once you're qualified as a Level 2 Apprentice could be: Semi-skilled Worker or Fitter in Welding, Fabrication or Sheet Metal Work.

As a Level 3 Apprentice you could be: Welder, Plater / Fabricator, Sheet Metal Worker.

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