Kicking off your career with an NLT Apprenticeship is a great way to get a head start in the field you want to work in. You’ll combine on the job learning from your employer, with training at NLT.

Did you know you can start an Apprenticeship all year round? That's right, no need to wait for September.

Or find out more about becoming an Apprentice below...

Wondering if an Apprenticeship is right for you? We've highlighted just a few of the key benefits of becoming an Apprentice below...

Money - Earn while you learn

Get paid a wage while you further your skills and work towards qualifications that your future employers require.

Downtime - Get paid holiday leave

As an Apprentice you’re employed, not just a student, so not only will you get paid while you’re learning but you’ll also get other employee benefits, such as paid holiday leave.

Great prospects - Unlock your career potential

Once you have finished your Apprenticeship, you’ll have a world of options open to you.

Real world experience - Learn on the job

As well as working towards the qualifications you need for your future, you’ll be getting real world experience by putting the skills you’re learning into practice at the same time.

Qualifications - Train at the level that’s right for you

Begin your Apprenticeship at the level that’s right for you. By the end of your Apprenticeship you’ll gain a recognised qualification and have the choice to progress to the next level.

There’s an Apprenticeship revolution happening right now. Make sure you're part of it.

The government is committed to reaching a target of three million Apprenticeship starts in England by 2020. If you want to be part of the revolution, then your Apprenticeship journey starts with NLT Training Services.

Apprenticeships offer a ladder of opportunity for all. They provide hands-on learning, real industry experience, and the ability to earn while you learn. A report commissioned by Barclays, and released in Summer 2016, revealed the amount Apprentices earn over the course of their lives is outstripping that of graduates by up to 270%.

In a competitive market, employees with real industry experience and tailored training and skills are at the top of every employer’s wish list. Apprenticeships are designed by employers, so you can be assured you will gain the skills that employers want. In fact, 90% of Apprentices stay in employment after finishing their Apprenticeship.

NLT works with employers from a wealth of industries and sectors, that are currently looking for Apprentices.  Visit the Apprentice Job Board for details of current vacancies
If you’re thinking about beginning your career with an Apprenticeship, or you’re ready to start, then get in touch with your local NLT Apprenticeship Team – they’d love to hear from you and can offer you lots of support and advice.

Level Up!

Your future starts today. Simply choose the Apprenticeship level that's right for you in order to get started. Need help choosing? Just get in touch with our Apprenticeship team.

Level 2

Intermediate Apprenticeships. They're equivalent to GCSEs.

Level 3

Advanced Apprenticeships. They're equivalent to A Levels.

Level 4

Higher Apprenticeships. They're equivalent to a HND / Foundation Degree.