NLT Training Services has built on its positive Ofsted grading, by scoring a commendable result in the annual FE Choices Learner Survey, an industry-recognised survey designed to help students and employers make the decision on which organisation they would like to work with.

NLT Training Services has been awarded 8.8 out of 10 for learner satisfaction and 8.6 out of 10 for employer satisfaction. This was the highest score in the region, not only for engineering but across all disciplines.

FE Choices is an independent body that compares performance information about all further education colleges and other organisations that receive Government funding for education and training to people over the age of 16.

More than 600 training organisations that offer academic and vocational subjects, Apprenticeships, and training on and off the job featured in the survey, and NLT scored in the top third of training providers.

The survey (in NLT’s case), is completed by employers and apprentices, and consists of questions designed to help those choosing what to do post 16. Respondants were asked to rate NLT on the quality of training received, delivery manner of the training, and advice and guidance from the start of a learner’s study programme through to them gaining an Apprenticeship.

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