• You want a job with responsibility
  • You enjoy practical work
  • You are good at motivating people
  • You want to work in manufacturing
  • You are a team player
  • You like structure and routine

Monitoring, control, decision-making and working safely in a manufacturing environment are at the core of this Apprenticeship. Whether you’re transferring materials, manufacturing products, involved in product assembly or inspection activities, you’ll be playing a vital role in ensuring a production line runs smoothly.

The Performing Manufacturing Operations Apprenticeship equips Apprentices with the basic skills and knowledge to carry out a range of engineering and manufacturing processes at semi-skilled and operator level.

This pathway ensures that business processes are planned and executed as efficiently as possible, identifying and, minimising waste whilst ensuring the highest quality.

Your Apprenticeship could open the door to team leader or supervisor roles within your chosen field.


Level 2 Performing Manufacturing Operations Apprenticeship

So, what does the future hold?

It's always important to consider your future career opportunities and as a qualified Performing Manufacturing Operations Apprentice you could see yourself working in industries such as: Manufacturing, Automotive, Building Services and Transport, Water and Processing, Printing and photographic.

Your job role once you're qualified as a Level 2 Apprentice could be:                                       Manufacturing Process Operator, Maintenance Operator, Assembly Operator

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